Olympia Wooden Boat Fair
P.O Box 2035 Olympia, WA.98507
2019 Olympia Wooden Boat Fair - May 9th-10th
Arts and Crafts / Public Information Application

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(Cost will be $50.00 and will determine location of your booth)

Public Information booth $50.00    Number of Booths:     (No sales permitted from Public Info. booth).

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**********Liability Release**********
I, the undersigned vendor and anyone in my service herby agree to hold harmless the Olympia Wooden Boat Association or its members, OWBA coordinator, the city of Olympia or its employees or any landowners and their agents or any person , place , or thing, fictitious or real against any breakage, damage to goods, weather, acts of god, sickness, accidents, theft, fire, or any claim I may make against any or all of the above mentioned parties stemming from my participation in the Olympia wooden boat fair. I will be totally responsible for any liability I may incur while doing business at the fair. I agree to collect and pay any taxes which may result from my sales and I assume full responsibility for my own wares. I agree to be responsible for providing whatever liability and theft insurance I feel is necessary.

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* Please return your application by Feb 25th 2020