Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Does my boat have to be in perfect condition to bring it to the fair?
A: No. This fair is for all wooden and classic boat owners. Part of the fun of the fair is to see the boats in all stages. Besides, by bringing a boat you are in the middle of restoring to the fair - you may pick up some pointers from other wooden boat owners.

Q: Where do all the participating boats come from?
A: Most of the boats come from the South Puget Sound area. But often there are also boats on display from as far north as Alaska and as far south as Southern California.

Q: Can I sell my boat at the fair?
A: No, with the exception of boats put on display by their original boat builders. The goal of this fair is to promote the comraderie between wooden boat owners and educate the public about wooden boats. We do not want to turn Percival Landing into a used boat sales.

Q: Can I raise money for restoring my boat at the fair?
A: No. There will be no soliciting the public for donations for your boat. Registered participants of the fair will not sell mugs, t-shirts, posters, or other articles promoting your boat. You can educate the public about your restoration projects by simply having your boat on display at the fair. This is a fair about educating the public - not a fund raising event for your boat.

Q: How can I register my boat for this year's fair?
A:  Boat registration closes April 14th and only costs $100 for the whole weekend. To learn more about participating at the fair visit the fair's participation page. If you have missed the deadline, you can still bring your boat down during the fair and moore it on the finger piers of the Percival Landing park. However, you would not be an official participant in the fair.