The Boats

The heart of the Boat Fair is the wooden boats on display!

During the Boat Fair, wooden boats of all conditions, vintages, and sizes will be on display throughout Percival Landing.

While most of the boats will be moored along the two main docks of the park, others will be on display along the boardwalk.

Some of the displays on the boardwalk will include wooden boats in various stages of construction or restoration.

All of the boats are put on display by their owners; allowing the public to not only see the boats, but the people behind them as well.

The goal of the Boat Fair is to enjoy camaraderie with other boaters and to give the public an opportunity to learn about wooden boats.

Keeping with this goal, there are no "for sale" signs displayed with any of the boats, with the exception of displays made by the original boat builders.

The Olympia Wooden Boat Fair is a great way to see and share in the passion that many around the community have for these boats.