Maritime Persons of the Year
The 2018 Maritime Persons of the Year are
Jim and Margie Paynton

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Jim and Margie Paynton

Jim and Margie:
Jim and Margie met as students in the School of Music at the University of Washington.  They have been married for 42 years, and both recently retired from teaching music.

They grew up in the Seattle area, and both were fascinated from an early age by the waters of Puget Sound and Lake Washington.  Jim’s family had a history of boating, and Jim grew up appreciating the love and nurturing of wooden boats.  After their marriage, Margie soon was caught up in the wooden boat scene, as they worked with Jim’s dad George on restoring and cruising the family’s 1941 30’ Chris-Craft, Terry-Deb.  Jim and Margie’s two children, Mary and Matt, learned to love and respect the water while growing up cruising throughout Puget Sound and British Columbia aboard that lovely old classic.

When the opportunity arose for them to purchase their “dream boat,” a 1940 42’ Chris Craft Double Cabin, Jim and Margie took possession of her in 1988, and began an extensive restoration.  The Maranee was beautiful, and her wood was healthy, but many of her systems were down, and her lovely Philippine mahogany was covered over with many layers of paint.  As all owners of classic boats well know, the word “done” is not in the vocabulary of wooden boat ownership, and the Maranee’s restoration is ongoing to this day.

Their interest in classic pleasure boats inspired Jim and Margie to join the Classic Yacht Association in 1983, and they have been active in their membership over the years.  Both of them have served as Pacific Northwest Fleet Commodores, and Jim was elected CYA International Commodore in 1990.  Margie currently holds the post of International Historian and Registrar, and Jim has been serving as Executive Treasurer for twenty-five years.
Jim and Margie are also longtime members of the Virginia V Foundation, and of the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society.

Their boat, the Maranee:
Launched on June 28, 1940, the Maranee spent her first two decades cruising the Great Lakes.  Her destinations ranged from Mackinac Island and Georgian Bay all the way to the Thousand Islands and the St. Lawrence Seaway. 

In 1959, a partnership brought her out to Puget Sound by railway car, where the prominent Seattle industrialist and medical research pioneer Wayne Quinton purchased her.  He cruised her extensively, and took loving care of her for almost thirty years.  In 1988 Jim and Margie Paynton bought the boat, and began not only a restoration project, but also an effort to ascertain her history, all of which had been lost over the years. 

Her lovely woodwork was stripped down and finished, and systems were gone through one by one.  Her original Hercules Model M engines were rebuilt, and she was completely rewired.  Interior and exterior paint and varnish was renewed, and her safety systems were updated.

All the while, efforts were being made to fill in the history of her missing years.  Thanks to the original hull card from the Chris Craft archives, which showed the boat’s original name, and some painstaking hours of poring through old copies of Lloyd’s Register of American Yachts, the pieces finally came together.  Jim and Margie now have been in contact with each of the previous four families who owned the boat over the decades, and have precious photographs and logbooks from her early years in their possession.

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